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"Learn The Italian Language"

Gain Language Skill of your Dream Profession

Importance of Being Multilingual

In a globalized world, where mobility is facilitated, learning a language is a wonderful benefit. Not only does it help when travelling, it is also a great advantage for studying in general and for career prospects abroad. Acquiring a second language enables us to develop various mental abilities at all ages.

Learning a new language makes you more conscious of the nuts and bolts of your own language. Terms such as vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, comprehension, idioms and sentence structure become everyday phrases, whereas your own language is probably absorbed more intuitively. Learning a new language also makes you a better listener, as you are used to having to interpret the meaning and judge nuances.

Opening up to a culture allows you to be more flexible and appreciative of other people’s opinions and actions. As a result, if you are multilingual, you have the advantage of seeing the world from different viewpoints, enhancing your ability to communicate in today’s globally connected world.

Multilingual employees add value to the workforce and as per survey, 88% stated that recruiting team members with language skills is important to their organization. A multilingual ability is definitely a competitive edge in today’s world.


Language learning helps develop strong cognitive skills, such as better concept formation, mental flexibility, multitasking, listening skills and problem-solving, in addition to improving social interaction and encouraging connection between peers, creating wonderful opportunities in this global culinary world.

How To Achieve It


Italian language course, a compulsory foundation program, exclusively designed in conjunction with IICCI- Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mumbai, India for our Italian academic partner institutions i.e. CAST Alimenti Italian Culinary School and INTRECCI Academy of Hospitality in Food & Beverage Service, intended for the international students who will be enrolled in these institutions professional programme in Italy.


Online intensive focused course of 44 hours will be applied/delivered by IICCI- Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mumbai, India before arriving in Italy:

Basic User A1 Beginner | A2 Elementary

  • Follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR);

  • The student will learn to use familiar expressions and basic phrases to satisfy the needs of a concrete type;

  • Ask and answer questions about personal details;

  • The student will be taught the culinary or food & beverage service glossary as used in the kitchen or in the restaurant for making complex, meaningful sentences and conversations.



This online program will be executed as:

  • Through Skype, IICCI keep it alive with the Italian native tutor to give you a truthful Italian experience;

  • Total 44 hours in 02 months;

  • 3 meetings in a week and can be customized based on the students' requirements.



The tuition fee = INR 12,000 (approximately) and is paid directly to the provider IICCI - Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mumbai, India.


At the end of each level, students will be examined and after completion of the entire course, they will receive the official Diploma certificate attested by the IICCI, which is recognized in Italy.


Enrolled students from India are requested to contact directly through:


phone: + 91 2267728186


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