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Pasta with Truffles

"La Vetrina" di
Italian Celebrity Chefs

Italian Contemporary Regional Culinary Journey - ICRCJ

Culinary Life Style

Our core philosophy is in the traditionalism of Italian cooking, which emerged as a co-construction of the promotion of “genuine” and “authentic” cuisine. 

This culinary journey was determined with the assessment in Europe of movements of Italian migration and travel in the earlier period which acted as a pioneer and as an important factor in the transfer of Italian foodstuffs and the establishment of Italian eateries which were simple, unsophisticated, but not necessarily “authentic” Italian food.


This type of restaurant had roughly plastered walls, checked tablecloths, fishing nets and Chianti bottles – those elements which Italians believed would give the guests the impression for an evening that they were in Italy. 

Now with the evolution and ease of travelling, knowledge of people related to eating habits aims at broad tastes that were sought out as an important element of the experience of travel. Authenticity, the permanent extension of one's culinary horizons and the lifelong education of the palate now became cultural goods which one could use to express one's lifestyle of culinary globalization- a recognizable and therefore seemingly reliable basis, at the same time opening points of identification with a broad range of culinary possibilities. 

Mission Of Journey

Our Team of Chefs are specifically picked up for this culinary mission on contemporary regional cuisine, which approaches the ingredients with the utmost respect.


The characteristic of their style of cooking is to take each ingredient and respect the integrity of that ingredient as much as possible. The ingredients that are used have to be of the highest possible quality that can be acquired. Freshness is a paramount feature, since food is living, organic matter contains good flavour based upon how the life in the product is treated.


For these Chefs, the method that was used to raise the ingredient is also important. Conditions of the soil, weather and how the ingredient is harvested and processed make a huge difference in the end result that lands on the diner’s plate.


These Chefs respect the integrity of the ingredients, which also means limiting the number of ingredients in a dish too as few as possible. Fewer flavours confuse the palate less and preserve respect for each individual ingredient to a greater extent.


They use the finest, most outstanding ingredients you can find, prepare them to the utmost of their ability and add items that will accentuate the flavour of the ingredients without imposing on, or masking the original flavour.


Our culinary principle is in the ability to make clear its diversity and to mobilize the idea that protecting cultural goods, health and the environment was socially beneficial in order to ensure its own place within the increasing diversification of ethnic cooking.

"Contact us further to have any of the ICRCJ Chefs to organize special evenings or theme dinners or private parties or wedding parties or all sorts of event that involves Italian food excellence."

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